Most Recent Update: January 6, 2023

Find the most recent update below the linked PDF documents for our COVID-19 Mitigation Plan, Required Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist, and Mask Wearing Guide in the event of a high transmission rate in our area.

COVID-19 Mitigation Plan
Required Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist
COVID-19 Update 11/03/2022 
For Crews Attending in the Winter of 2022 and in 2023

Sea Base Statement

The health of participants, staff members, captains, and the communities where we operate is our primary concern.

Precautions cannot fully eliminate the potential for exposure to COVID-19 or any other illness while at Sea Base. Persons with COVID-19 or other illnesses may show no signs or symptoms of illness, but can still spread a virus, and people may be contagious before their symptoms occur.

It is possible that someone with COVID-19 or any other illness may pass the required health screening. Every staff member, captain, volunteer, and Scouting family must evaluate their unique circumstances and make an informed decision before choosing to attend Sea Base.

Vaccination Requirements and Recommendations

The National Office of the Boy Scouts of America requires tetanus immunization for anyone attending a National High Adventure Base.

The Boy Scouts of America strongly recommends every Scout, youth and adult, attending a National High Adventure Base be Up-to-Date on all recommended (BSA AHMR) immunizations and COVID-19 vaccinations prior to attending a National High Adventure Base.

CDC COVID-19 Recommendations

BSA National High Adventure Bases, including Sea Base, are required by BSA National Camp Accreditation to follow CDC COVID-19 recommendations and local requirements.

For more information regarding current CDC recommendations please visit: CDC Your Health.

COVID-19 Pre-Event Requirements Based on CDC Recommendations

No one who is sick, or has been sick, or has tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous 5-Days may attend Sea Base.

Even after 5-days, no one who tested positive for COVID-19 but is still symptomatic (sick) may attend Sea Base.

COVID-19 Testing Requirements

COVID-19 testing is not required to attend Sea Base at this time.

Pre-Event Medical Screening

Every unit is required to complete the BSA Pre-Event Medical Screening prior to travel. Those who are sick or experiencing symptoms listed on the Pre-Event Medical Screening forms checklist may not attend Sea Base.  

The Pre-Event Medical Screening Form is required at check-in.

Snorkel Gear Requirements

To limit the spread of any communicable disease or illness, Sea Base does not provide masks or snorkels. Every participant must purchase or bring their own mask and snorkel.

  • Due to health and safety concerns BSA prohibits “full-face” snorkel masks.
  • Sea Base recommends against purchasing poor-quality snorkel sets because they often leak, poorly fit, often break, and negatively impact participants experiences.
  • Sea Base sells quality, affordable, snorkel gear at its online store

Travel Requirements

It is the responsibility of units to know the travel requirements for their specific locals and the Sea Base location they are traveling to including the Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, and Florida.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I or Someone Else Becomes Sick While at Sea Base?

Sea Base does not have facilities onsite for testing, treatment, or quarantine. Units must come prepared with a plan, as was required even before COVID-19, to care for sick individuals offsite to limit the spread of any illness.

Does the Unit Need to Depart if (1) or More Individuals Become Sick?

No. Per CDC Recommendations, only sick individuals must depart.

Are Masks Required?

BSA National Camp Accreditation requires Sea Base to follow CDC Recommendations.

CDC Recommends masking for communities with high levels of COVID-19 infection. If this recommendation is in effect, and community levels are high, indoor masking will be required in the following areas and times:

  • During Check-In (indoor and outdoor unless distanced)
  • Program Office
  • Administration Office
  • Galley (Food Service)
  • Ships Store (Retail)

In the event of high levels of community infection signs will be present in each area advising participants to mask. If signs are present, masking is required.   


It is essential that each participant, parent or guardian, and volunteer adult leader understands the risks associated prior to attending Sea Base. Ultimately it is the responsibility of attendees and their parents or guardians to make the decision that is best for them and their families.

Archived Updates

COVID-19 Update 06/28/22

We look forward to serving your unit at Sea Base this summer. Participant reviews for all programs and locations have been excellent.  

Several participants had questions regarding the Sea Base COVID-19 Mitigation Plan, Pre-Event Medical Screening, and COVID-19 testing requirements after our last update. We want to equip your unit with the most up to date information to ensure that you have a full understanding of our policies as informed by CDC recommendations.

Linked above you will find the most recent update to the plan and Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist. Additionally, below are a few items that every unit should note:

  1. Sea Base is required by BSA National Camp Accreditation to follow CDC recommendations.
  2. CDC recommendations make accommodations for individuals who are Up to Date on their vaccinations. CDC no longer makes a distinction in its recommendations between non-vaccinated, partially vaccinated, or fully vaccinated.
  3. Up to Date is defined by the CDC as having received all doses in the primary series and all boosters recommended for you, when eligible.
  4. CDC recommendations also make accommodations for individuals who are recently recovered (within the last 90 days) from COVID-19.  
  5. Per CDC recommendations anyone who is NOT up to date with their vaccinations and are exposed to COVID-19 should quarantine for at least 5-days and avoid travel for 10-days. Therefore, anyone who is NOT up to date, and has been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 10-days cannot travel to or attend Sea Base unless they are recently recovered from COVID-19 (even if they have received the primary series of vaccines).
  6. Per CDC recommendations anyone who IS up to date with their vaccines and is exposed to COVID-19 should get tested 5-days after exposure. Therefore, anyone who IS up to date, and has been exposed, may attend provided their exposure was longer than 5-days ago, they are non-symptomatic, and they either test negative for COVID-19 24-hours prior to arrival or provide a physicians note stating that they are recently recovered (within the last 90 days) from COVID-19.
  7. Per CDC recommendations anyone who is recently recovered from COVID-19 (within the last 90 days) may attend Sea Base provided they are non-symptomatic. They do not need to test.
  8. Given the rise of COVID-19 cases; everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must test negative for COVID-19 24-hours prior to onsite arrival unless they are recently recovered (within the last 90 days) from COVID-19.
  9. Sea Base accepts all FDA approved Rapid Antigen and PCR COVID-19 tests including home tests. Copies, screenshots, or photos with home tests are accepted. Sea Base cannot test units upon arrival or provide transportation to test.  
  10. Anyone who is recently recovered (within the last 90 days) from COVID-19 must provide a physicians note in lieu of testing.
  11. Proof of testing or recent recovery will be required at check-in. No one will be permitted to remain onsite without proof of testing or recent recovery.
  12. Sea Base strongly recommends that each crew test prior to travel to limit potential COVID-19 exposure. It is far easier for a unit to quarantine and/or isolate an individual at home, prior to unit exposure, than it is in the Florida Keys, Bahamas, or US Virgin Islands. Sea Base understands that due to travel distance and/or duration this will require some units to test prior to travel and again prior to arrival. Thank you for testing.
  13. Sea Base does not have onsite facilities for treatment, quarantine, or isolation. Beginning in February 2020, the Sea Base Mitigation Policy has informed each unit to develop a plan in the case that one or more Scouts become sick or are exposed to COVID-19.
  14. Multiple individuals have told us that they knew they were exposed or were positive before traveling to Sea Base. Do not travel if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or believe that you have COVID-19. Do not jeopardize your Troops trip. Do not jeopardize other Troops, Sea Base staff and captains.

Sea Base is seeking to remain open for your unit, provide your unit with tools to guard against trip interruptions, and meet BSA requirements and CDC recommendations. Thank you for helping us make this summer the best summer possible.

COVID-19 Update 06/09/22

We look forward to serving your unit this summer at Sea Base.

Recently Sea Base has had an increase of COVID-19 related cases. Thus far we have been able to trace every case to a unit arriving at Sea Base with one or more positive individuals. Further, it appears as though each of the cases were acquired prior to traveling to Sea Base. Fully vaccinated, vaccinated and boosted and non-vaccinated participants have tested positive.

Due to Sea Base mitigation strategies, there has been no community spread between units. The cases have however impacted unit programs. Staff members and captains assigned to these units have tested positive or been removed from rotation to mitigate COVID. While this policy has been effective in limiting the spread, it is not sustainable.

To ensure that we can continue to operate and serve your unit, Sea Base will now require (beginning 6/15/2022) that every participant, regardless of vaccination status, provide a negative COVID test taken within 24 hours of arrival or a physicians note stating that they are recently recovered from COVID (within the last 90 days). Anyone arriving without a negative test or physicians note will be denied entry and will be sent for testing at an offsite location at their own expense.

Sea Base does not have a testing center and cannot provide transportation to a testing site. Please do not arrive without proof of a negative test.

Sea Base does not have onsite facilities for treatment, quarantine or isolation. Units with COVID positive individuals will be required to vacate Sea Base to seek treatment, quarantine or isolation. Airlines, due to CDC regulations, do not permit COVID positive individuals to fly. It is imperative that each unit completes the pre-event medical screening prior to travel to ensure that no one in their unit is COVID positive. No one should travel if they are sick.

Note: Crews traveling to Bahamas or St. Thomas Sea Base are required to adhere to Bahamas Government and USVI Territory requirements in addition to Sea Base requirements.


Questions and Answers:

Q. Which tests will Sea Base accept?

A. Any FDA approved test including over-the-counter viral, viral, PCR


Q. How can I show proof of an over-the-counter test?

A. Take a date marked photo of the person with the test. The test must be clearly visible.


Q. When should I test?

A. Within 24 hours of arrival.


Q. What if I arrive without proof of a negative test?

A. You will be denied entry.


Q. Can Sea Base test my unit upon arrival?

A. No. Anyone arriving without proof of testing will be denied entry and must test locally.


Q. Can Sea Base provide transportation to a testing site?

A. No.


Q. Why is Sea Base requiring tests for vaccinated participants?

A. Many of those who have tested positive were vaccinated. Some were vaccinated and boosted.


Q. What if I am recently recovered from COVID (within 90 days)?

A. Provide a physicians note in lieu of testing requirements.


Q. I am going to the Bahamas or USVI. Do I still need to test 24 hours prior to arrival?

A. Yes.


Q. I am over COVID and don’t believe anyone should be tested unless symptomatic!

A. We understand your position. However, Sea Base is required to contract trace, quarantine and isolate. If a captain tests positive it means that they cannot captain a boat. If a crew is assigned to that vessel and a back-up is not available that means we cannot offer the program or activity. If a staff member tests positive they cannot serve a unit and if a back up is not available we cannot provide scheduled program. Testing prior to arrival gives us the best chance of remaining fully operational and serving your unit. Thank you for testing.

We look forward to serving you unit at Sea Base this summer. The below graphic helps describe that masks should be worn by all individuals in shared indoor spaces to help further mitigate any spread potential. 

COVID-19 Update 1/26/22

Sea Base submitted its first COVID-19 Mitigation Plan to local and state authorities mid-March 2020. Since that time Sea Base has continually updated its plan based upon current information from the Center for Disease Control, Florida Department of Health, Monroe County Department of Health, Monroe County BOCC, local EMS, and US Virgin Islands Health Department.

Sea Base will operate in 2022 at full capacity in accordance with its COVID-19 Mitigation Plan and local and state authorities. This plan includes changes to program and facility operations, sanitation, housing, food service, and staffing.


As always, the safety of our Scouts, volunteers, employees, captains, and communities is our top priority and as a result, we will continue to follow CDC recommendations for Camps Summer 2022.