Groups Seeking Individuals

NOTE: If your information appears here AND you have already found enough individuals to fill out your crew, please send an e-mail to so that we can remove you from the list.

The following groups are seeking individuals to fill out their crews.

3 openings for Keys Adventure starting on 02-14-2021

Crew: KA021421B

Contact: Michael Ziegele

Phone: 248-894-1251



Troop 1024 (B) Beverly Hills, Mi has 3 openings for Keys Adventure for February 14th -20th. We are flying into Miami on February 13th and arriving at Sea Base on the 14th. The crew has 2 Adults and 3 scouts(male), we had 2 people drop due to work relocation and could no longer take the time off. Please email or call with interest.

Mike Ziegele
Scoutmaster Troop 1024

2 openings for MARINE STEM starting on 03-07-2021

Crew: MS030721A

Contact: Wayne Marinik

Phone: 210-744-5848



We are a unit out of San Antonio, TX with one Youth opening on our Marine STEM Crew. We have 2 Eight Graders, 1 Freshman, 1 Sophomore and 1 Junior. All are boys and in this group we have 4 Life Scouts and 1 Second Class. Adult leadership includes the Troop SM and a Troop Committee Member. We are an easy going group and will be arriving Sat, March 6, 2020. We are looking for 1 more Scout to round out group who is easy going and looking for adventure. The Scouts on this Crew work well with others and welcome someone who will want to be part of a fun but focused team.

1 opening for Fishing Adventure starting on 03-14-2021

Crew: FA031421A

Contact: Scott Turley

Phone: 641-990-0638



Let me know if you are able to join our group

2 Openings For Scuba Adventure Starting On 03-14-2021

Crew: SA031421A

Contact: Kelly Vinton

Phone: 2145070368


Troop 1001 is based in Richardson, TX.  We have 2 opening for either scouts or adults.  Must be scuba certified prior to the trip, as this is NOT a certification trek. Please feel free to call or text me if you’re interested and we can discuss.  Thanks.

2 openings for Marine STEM starting on 04-04-2021

Crew: MS040421B

Contact: Shefali Chandaria

Phone: 770-853-6563



Troop 841 in Alpharetta has 4 scouts and 2 adults attending. All male. Looking for 2 more to attend.
2 of the attendees are vegetarian.

3 openings for Out Island Adventure starting on 06-05-2021

Crew: OI060521C

Contact: Steve Detmer

Phone:  419-367-6096



Troop 2 in Toledo Ohio has three youth openings for Seabase/Out Island Adventure on June 5th-11, 2021. We have a 2nd crew going June 27-Jul 3 that’s full, but we could swap one of those spots to make room (at least until flights are booked) Please contact Steve Detmer via email ( if interested to get additional information and costs. We will accept a deposit and monthly payments through May.

1 Openings For Scuba Adventure Starting On 06-06-2021

Crew: SA060621E

Contact: Deborah Johnson

Phone: 720-266-1038



We are a great group of scouts from Castle Rock, CO seeking one (1) individual to join our crew.  Must be male because we do not have a female adult leader attending.   Must be scuba certified prior to arrival at SeaBase.  Contact me with any questions.

5 Openings For Out Island Adventure Starting On 06-07-2021

Crew: OI060721AB

ContactKarl Belter

Phone: 309-256-7267



We have two crews going to Out Island.  We have 5 spots open.  We have 4 adults (21+) going already.  So of the 5 slots to fill, 2 more could be adults.  We have 1 female adult going so we are able to take female youth (up to 3) without another adult.

We are driving from Peoria IL and will have room for the additional attendees.  We can pick them up on the way if reasonably on the route from Peoria IL to SeaBase.  Due to COVID we are planning worst case travel of bringing food and tenting at campground on way there/back.

2 Openings For Key West Sailing Adventure Starting On 06-09-2021

Crew: KW060921B and KW060921A

Contact: Shoshana Nash

Phone: 303-514-8700


We are located in Littleton, Colorado. So far, our Sea Base Troop meetings have been on Zoom and we can continue that so that that all can participate. They have not yet elected positions, but will soon. If you and your scout are in town, you can join us in person for meetings! 🙂

We are a strong, all-girl, scout led Troop and you can see more at

We are asking that the spots be filled with a Scout and female parent.

We are flying into Florida the evening before and have chartered two buses from the hotel to Sea Base. Please reach out for more information (we have a PPT  video on the site with some other details).

3 Openings For Scuba Adventure Starting On 06-09-2021

Crew: SA060921A

Contact: Julee Manson

Phone: 2817239612


Troop 421 from Arlington,  TX.  We have 3 openings.

2 Openings For Coral Reef Sailing Adventure Starting On 06-10-2021

Crew: CR061021C

Contact: Jim Lawlor

Phone: 334-669-1007



Come join Troop 15 from Montgomery, AL on our Coral Reef Sailing trip in the Florida Keys.  We have 2 spots available.  The cost of the adventure is $1,000 per person plus travel expenses.  Please contact me if you are interested.

3 Openings For Out Island Adventure Starting On 06-11-2021

Crew: OI061121D

Contact: Byron Frick

Phone: 515-554-1995


Troop 43 (Urbandale, Iowa) is looking for three (3) individuals to round out our two crews on our Out Island Adventure June 11th -17th.

Our current group consists of 5 adult leaders (2 Assistant Scout Masters, 2 Committee Co-Chairs, 1 Committee Member) and 8 Scouts from 3 local troops.  This is a great group of experienced leaders and scouts.

Please contact me if you are interested or with any questions.

2 Openings For Scuba Certification Starting On 06-13-2021

Crew: SC061321A

Contact: Doug McNeill

Phone: 336-251-2268



We are a Sea Scout Unit from Swansboro NC. Need to fill 2 empty spots.
If you are looking for just one spot, let us know….we’ll work it out.

2 openings for St. Thomas Sailing 10-12 starting on 06-30-2021

Crew: TS063021A

Contact: Alison Martin

Phone: 505-400-3615



Troops 24B & 24G in Albuquerque, NM
Flying into St. Thomas on June 29, Departing July 8
We have two spaces that can be filled by any gender, any age of registered Scout or adult
Fly into ABQ, meet us in early in the morning at Houston Intercontinental on the 29th, or meet us in St. Thomas
We will be happy to send a group to pick up youth at the airport if flying into St. Thomas

2 openings for Out Island Adventure starting on 07-01-2021

Crew: OI070121B

Contact: Steven Presley

Phone: 214-802-5249



Ahoy! We are Troop 366 out of Denton, TX and the Longhorn Council. We have two spots open to fill for our Out Island Adventure from July 1 – 8. We are an all male crew with 4 scouts and 2 adults confirmed for 6 spots. We are happy to accommodate 2 additional scouts or 1 scout with an adult leader.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thank you,
Steven Presley

3 openings for Scuba Live Aboard starting on 07-02-2021

Crew: SL070221A

Contact: Steven Traum

Phone: 256-529-2298



We are Troop 201 from Madison, AL. We’re looking for 3 Scouts to join us for the Scuba Live Aboard Adventure from 2-9 July 2021. Participants must be Scuba certified by 1 March 2021 and meet all BSA Medical Fitness for Scuba Diving standards. Costs will be $1,50 per participant.

Please contact me for additional questions.

2 Openings For Scuba Adventure Starting On 07-04-2021

Crew: SA070421A

Contact: Carter Miller

Phone: 336-210-4401



Troop 1280 from Clover SC has 2 Crews scheduled for the Scuba Adventure July 4th-11th.  We had a father/son pair that had to back out to due to medical issues.  We are looking for replacements.  Feel free to contact me by phone or email.

1 Openings For Coral Reef Sailing Starting On 07-06-2021

Crew: CR070621C

Contact: Kevin Faron

Phone: 314-630-1512



Crew 2284 from Greater St. Louis Area Council in St. Louis, Missouri has 1 scout opening for a Coral Reef Sailing Adventure

The crew will be flying to Sea Base on July 5th and returning late July 12th.
Please contact as soon as possible as travel arrangements are being made.

2 Openings For Coral Reef Sailing Starting On 07-09-2021

Crew: CR070921A

Contact: Charles Ciccarelli

Phone: 334-405-6940



This is an Alabama-Florida Council Contingent to Sea Base. We currently plan on departing the Council Office in Dothan, AL at approximately 6:00 am on 8 July 2021. There is currently both a male and female adult leader on the trek which means that this trek is open to boys and girls. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or email me at

Charles Ciccarelli
Council Training Chair and High Adventure Organizer
Alabama-Florida Council
Scouts BSA
(334) 405-6940

3 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 07-21-2021

Crew: SA072121A

Contact: Jay Wright

Phone:  815-494-2133



Troop 620 (Roscoe, IL) has a few open spots available for a Scuba Adventure trip beginning on July 21st, 2021. If you are interested, please contact me!

5 openings for Coral Reef Sailing starting on 07-21-2021

Crew: CR072121B

Contact: Jim Wright

Phone:  214-287-9554



Third week of July

5 openings for Bahamas Tall Ship starting on 07-24-2021

Crew: BT072421A

Contact: Katherine Auld

Phone: 479-282-5159



We are a group of 14 comprised of youth and adult leaders from brother brother and sister Throop in Northwest Arkansas. We are seeking up to six participants. Our group is adult heavy so we can only except groups with more youth than adults. We far exceed the health and safety certifications required by sea bass so if your group does not have wilderness first aid, that is OK.

You can meet us in marsh Harbour. We are arriving two days early to spend some time playing on the beach. You are welcome to join us in that or not. You will be responsible for making your own travel arrangements no need to come to Arkansas.

3 openings for Bahamas Adventure (6-8) starting on 07-26-2021

Crew: BA072621B

Contact: Dalton Kaye

Phone: 732-551-6759



We are a troop located in New Jersey that’s excited to embark on another SeaBase adventure. Currently we have 3 adults and 2 scouts confirmed to attend, this boat holds up to 8 participants. Ideally, we are looking for 1 more adult and 2 scouts or 3 additional scouts. Thank you!

3 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 08-01-2021

Crew: SA080121F

Contact: Arthur Marsh

Phone: 508-944-6155



We are looking for up to 3 additional members – adult or scout – to join our crew from West Groton, MA on our scuba adventure. Members need to be scuba certified as this is NOT the scuba learning experience trip. We have two adults, so one more would be great, but 3 scouts would also be great.

1 opening for Out Island Adventure starting on 08-02-2021

Crew: OI080221C

Contact: Mark Paskanik

Phone: 919-744-0395



Our Troop is located in Cary, NC and we have one spot left.

We have a training event June 11th – 13th in the mountains of North Carolina on the New River and your scout is welcome to join us on this trip as well.

2 openings for Key West Sailing starting on 08-10-2021

Crew: KW081021B

Contact: Melissa Black

Phone: 336-881-0492



2 Spots open with Troop 238 out of Welcome, NC.

5 openings for Scuba Live Aboard starting on 08-10-2021

Crew: SL081021A

Contact: Shannon McDonald

Phone: 508-579-4164



Female crew

2 openings for Key West Sailing starting on 08-14-2021

Crew: KW081421B

Contact: Karla Hartmann

Phone: 952-994-1488



We are Troop 430 from Minnetonka, MN and have openings for 2 participants. We have 1 female leader and participants can be male or female to join this adventure.