Groups Seeking Individuals

NOTE: If your information appears here AND you have already found enough individuals to fill out your crew, please send an e-mail to so that we can remove you from the list.

The following groups are seeking individuals to fill out their crews.

2 openings for St. Thomas Sailing (6-8) starting on 07-25-2020

Crew: TA072520A

Contact: Arnaud Jammaers

Phone: 973-216-3773



Hi, Were Troop 1 Boonton NJ!

We have 1 spot open on 2 ships, Troop 1 of Boonton NJ has 2 slots open for 3 ships in St Thomas.
If your interested please contact Arnaud Jammaers ASAP.

Must be 13, have swimming MB or at least be a strong swimmer.
we have posted information here:

Please email or call me if Interested.

4 openings for Key West Sailing starting on 07-28-2020

Crew: KW072820A

Contact: Stuart Smith

Phone:  336-253-1063



Have openings for 3 youth and 1 adult.  Come join us!

1 opening for Scuba Adventure starting on 07-29-2020

Crew: SA072920F

Contact: Bill Werra

Phone: 262-751-7256


Comments:  Troop 175, Menomonee Falls, WI has 3 adults and 4 scouts already registered for Scuba Adventure on 7/29/20-8/5/20. We have 1 open space for a scout or adult who is interested in going. You must be scuba certified prior to Sea Base. We would love to fill up this trip.

1 opening for Out Island Adventure starting on 07-30-2020

Crew: OI073020A

Contact: Greg Lanzon

Phone:  919-757-4343



4 openings for Coral Reef Sailing starting on 07-31-2020

Crew: CR073120E

Contact: David Pickel

Phone: 502-558-9891



Looking for one (1) adult female and three (3) youth! Our current roster is one (1) adult male, two (2) female youth both over 18 and one (1) male youth!

7 openings for Coral Reef Sailing starting on 07-31-2020

Crew: CR073120A/B/C

Contact: Richard Wampler

Phone:  443-722-2538



We are a mixed Crew (3 boats) from South Florida, Massachusetts, and West Point, NY heading to Sea Base for the first week of August. We have suddenly found ourselves short a few seats. We intend to come together early (27 July) in South Florida (Ft Lauderdale) for getting to know eachother and team building activities. Our Crews also designing shirts and bags. You may choose to participate in the activities or purchase the shirts (they will NOT be Troop or location specific due to the fact we are from all over), and we will FULLY integrate you into the Crew (including design ideas, activity requests, etc). We are currently in need of at least one adult (we already have the WRFA trained personnel needed) and the rest may be a mix of youth or adult. Estimated cost (including activities, shirts and bags, food, and Sea Base, NOT including transportation to/ from Ft Lauderdale) will be $1300. Please send me an email if you have questions or are interested in joining this diverse Crew!!

Yours in Scouting,

2 openings for Scuba Live Aboard starting on 08-01-2020

Crew: SL080120A

Contact: Deborah Montana

Phone: 757-482-2132



We have 2 openings for Crew members for our Scuba Live Aboard adventure. We will arrive at Seabase on August 1st, 2020 to begin our adventure. 2 of our members had to drop due to COVID rules thru his employer.

Participants would need to pay their fees and their own transportation to Seabase.

If you are interested, please contact me.

4 openings for St. Thomas Sailing (6-8) starting on 08-03-2020

Crew: TA080220B

Contact: Doug Wiley

Phone:  903-746-1468


Comments:  We have up to 4 openings for male or female scouts for our St. Thomas Trek on August 3rd, 2020. (The date entered when I’m filing out this notice to accept other youth looks like it says March 8th, but our trek is actually August 8th). This is my 4th Sea Base trek, and my wife’s 3rd, and our new Scoutmaster’s 1st trek. We have been to the Bahamas and the Florida keys for sailing adventures and we now look forward to our first trip to St. Thomas. I have been Scoutmaster for both our Boy Troop and now for our Girl troop, as well as Venture Crew advisor. My wife is now serving as our Venture Crew advisor after serving as CubMaster and then Asst. SM and Asst. Venture Crew Advisor. We have taken scouts from different units with us to Sea Base, as well as to Philmont, and Northern Tier, in addition to leading National Jamboree Contingents, so we have lots of experience taking care of all scouts in our care.
We could possible take one more adult and three youth, or four youth.
We plan to spend 2 days in Miami on our way to St. Thomas where we plan to visit the beach and other local attractions.
Give me a call or text, or email, 903-746-1468. If you do not receive a reply via email, it may have gone to my junk folder, in which case send me a text or call.
Having Fun in Scouts,
Doug Wiley

2 openings for Coral Reef Sailing starting on 08-04-2020

Crew: CR080420E/F

Contact: Mark Baker

Phone: 616-299-4146



Coral Reef Sailing ships are the best!  We have one.

Each ship can have eight crew members plus the SeaBase Captain. If you are in need of 2 openings of a parent/child combination, please contact me.

The Sea Base fee is $1,000.00.

Transportation NOT included.

Islamorada Sea Base is our base.
See all the info on the Sea Exploring event on the SEABASE website first before contacting us. Here is the link to the Participant Guide.

You must qualify to all SeaBase rules and advance trainings. Additional precautions are in effect due to Covid-19. Any funds paid to join our trip are non-refundable. You could, however, substitute another qualified person.


or 616-299-4146  Mark Baker, ASM

2 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 08-05-2020

Crew: SA080520B

Contact: Kyle Cline




Looking for 2 boy scouts or 1 boy scout/1 adult. Aug 5-12 Sea Base Florida Scuba Adventure.

2 openings for Out Island Adventure starting on 08-09-2020

Crew: OI080920A

Contact: Lonny Pitaccio

Phone:  914-263-3839



I need one adult or one Youth for this awesome adventure.

2 openings for Out Island Adventure starting on 08-11-2020

Crew: OI081120B

Contact: Dana Wood

Phone:  240-584-2854



Looking for 1 scout and 1 adult or 2 scouts

1 opening for Marine STEM starting on 03-14-2021

Crew: MS031421B

Contact: Russell Bagley

Phone:   910-691-1775


Comments:  We are Troop 9146 out of Amery, WI. When e-mailing me for the first time please type “SEA BASE” in the subject line.
The crew thus far is 5 male scouts and 2 male adult leaders. Thank you

2 openings for Out Island Adventure starting on 03-21-2021

Crew: OI032121A

Contact: Claire Milne

Phone: 952-484-0427



Troop 293 are from Minnesota. We have 2 crews reserved for the Out Island adventure. Our scouts on this trip vary in age from 13 to 17. We would love to have you join us.

1 opening for Scuba Adventure starting on 06-13-2021

Crew: SA061321C

Contact: Mark Friske

Phone: 612-719-6857



Troop 567 located in Plymouth, MN has an opening for either one (1) scout (13+) or one (1) adult (18+) to join our SCUBA driving crew in the Florid Keys! All divers must be PADI certified prior to our trip, strong swimmers and medically qualified to dive. The cost of this adventure is $1,100 plus travel (air and rental car) and crew shirts.