2021 Sea Base Fees

Reservation Availability

Spring Season: February 14th to April 30th (Know your Spring break schedule ahead of time.)

Summer Season: May 29th to August 22nd

Winter Season: December 18th thru January 2nd

Sea Base does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or national origin.

*Reservations must be made online.

AdventureNumber of Days & NightsMaximum Crew Size (including adults)Fee Per CrewDeposit Per Crew Seasons AvailableSummer Arrival
# of Crews
Arriving per Day
Coral Reef Sailing7days & 6nights6-8 participants$7,700$250Spring, Summer, WinterDaily6
STEM Eco Sailing7days & 6nights10-12 participants$13,200$250Spring, SummerTu & F1
Sea Exploring8days & 7nights18-20 participants$19,250$250Spring, Summer, WinterSpring- F, Sa, Su
Sum- M, W, Th, Su
SCUBA Adventure8days & 7nights6-8 participants$9,000$250Spring, SummerSpring- Su
Sum- Su & W
SCUBA Certification8days & 7nights6-8 participants$9,000$250Spring, SummerSpring- Su
Sum- Su & W
SCUBA Live Aboard8days & 7nights10-12 participants$15,000$250Spring, Summer, WinterSpring- Sa & Su
Sum- Tu, F, Sa
Keys Adventure7days & 6nights6-8 participants$7,700$250Spring, Summer, WinterSpring- Sa & Su
Sum- Sa, M, W, F, Su
Marine STEM7days & 6nights6-8 participants$7,700$250Spring, SummerSpring- Sat
Sum- Sun
Spring- 2
Sum- 3
Out Island Adventure7days & 6nights6-8 participants$7,700$250Spring, Summer, WinterSa, Su, M, W, F6
Key West Sailing7days & 6nights6-8 participants$7,700$250Summer onlySa, Su, M, Tu, W2
Florida Fishing7days & 6nights6-8 participants$9,000$250Spring, SummerEvery other day2
Bahamas Adventure (6-8)7days & 6nights6-8 participants$7,700$250Spring, SummerM & W2
Bahamas Adventure (10-12)7days & 6nights10-12 participants$11,600$250Spring, SummerF & Sat2
Bahamas Tall Ship7days & 6nights18-20 participants$19,250$250Spring, SummerSat1
St. Thomas Sailing
7days & 6nights6-8 participants$7,700$250Summer onlySa, Su, M, Tu3
St. Thomas STEM Eco Sailing7days & 6nights6-8 participants$7,700$250Summer onlyTu1
St. Thomas Sailing (10-12)7days & 6nights10-12 participants$13,200$250Summer onlyTu, W, Th, F1
St. Croix Adventure7days & 6nights6-8 participants$7,700$250Summer onlyM4
St. Croix SCUBA7days & 6nights6-8 participants$9,000$250Summer onlyM2
Submit Payments via e-check (ACH) at www.bsaseabase.org/reservations
All Adventures arrive 1-3pm on their scheduled arrival day, and depart by 10am on their departure day
Each crew must include 2 adult leaders over the age of 21- Majority of the crew should be youth.
Maximum adult to youth ratio is 50/50. Coed crews must have at least one adult female leader.

*Crew size includes adult leaders attending.