2016 ScoutCast

December 2016 - Making an Ordinary Meeting Extraordinary

Let’s take a minute to think about your troop or crew meetings. Hopefully by this point, you’re in the norming or performing stage and everyone is having fun, but have the meetings gotten a little predictable? Every now and again, you should have a meeting that stands out above the rest, a meeting where everyone leaves saying, “Wow!”

So right here on ScoutCast is Eagle Scout Mark Ray, key writer of the 13th Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook and the new two-volume Troop Leader Guidebook to help lead the discussion.

November 2016 - Boards of Review

Listener Bryan King asked us if we could do a show about the Board of Review process.  Advancement specialist Mike LoVecchio agreed with that suggestion because, as he told us, “I get calls all the time with questions about Boards of Review.” You do? Well then, Mike, you’re just the person to come on ScoutCast and answer our questions. Let’s find out together what Mike says are some of the most frequently asked questions about Board of Reviews.

October 2016 - Scouting Alumni / Council Alumnus of the Year

The Scouting Alumni Association is a call to all who have been positively impacted by the BSA. That includes family members of Scouts past and present, volunteers, Scouters, and community leaders. Is that you? We hope so and because we Scouters love awards, there’s even a Council Alumnus of the Year Award! Mike Movius, committee member of the National SAA as well as chairman of the Pacific Harbors Council NESA and Scouting Alumni Association Committee explains it all right here on ScoutCast. Join us, won’t you?

September 2016 - Working With the Troop Committee

Do you know what a troop committee is or what the members are supposed to do? What’s the relationship between the Scoutmaster and the committee? Charlie Garwood, who currently serves as the Area 5 vice president for program for the Piedmont Council in Gastonia, North Carolina, joins us for the discussion.

August 2016 - The Kodiak Challenge

As Scout leaders, you all know how important advanced leadership training is. We’ve got NYLT and NAYLE and Kodiak. That’s right – we said Kodiak. Oh sure, a few years ago the Kodiak Trek may have been just for Venturers, but now – Kodiak is open to all Scouters! , Peter Self, who served as national staff advisor to the Kodiak syllabus shares with us why you should implement the Kodiak Challenge into your troop’s advanced leadership training and how to make it happen.

July 2016 - Think the Jamboree Door is Closed? Here’s How to Open It

Has your son or anyone in your troop or crew signed up to go the 2017 National Jamboree yet? No? Why not? You already know what a great experience it will be for them and that they’ll make a ton of new friends, but maybe you all think it will be too financially or physically challenging. Maybe the jamboree is only for a privileged few, or maybe you think the door is closed because (gasp!) of the girls in your crew! Whatever the reason you think the jamboree door has been closed, corporate partnership manager Owen McCulloch tells us how to grab onto that door handle and open it wide.

June 2016 - Who Can Sign Off on Requirements?

That’s the question that appeared in the ScoutCast mailbox courtesy of listener Rich Eitzel. “We aim to please, said host Lee Shaw, so we invited advancement task force member Wayne Huddleston onto the show for an in-depth discussion of who can sign off requirements for both merit badges and ranks. Is it the merit badge counselor or the Scoutmaster? Maybe it’s the senior patrol leader or maybe all three, but can one over-ride the another’s decision? Click the Download button to find out!

May 2016 - How the Exploring Program Can Support Your Troop

You may have read the title of this episode and thought, “Did I read this right? Exploring can support my Boy Scout troop?” Well, it’s true! Joining us as we explore the many different ways the Exploring program can offer support to your Scouts is senior Exploring specialist Kristen Falatko and Boy Scout program specialist Garfield Murden. We were surprised by what they shared with us and we bet you will be, too.

April 2016 - Summer Community Activities

A lot of troops and crews think that just because they have some kids going to Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier, or the Summit, they can take the summer off. ScoutCast host Bryan Wendell thinks summer is “the greatest season of the year” for troop and crew activities, so we invited Jeff Bostwick, a member of the Boy Scout Experience Task Force, to share with us some of the activities you can do and how those activities can benefit your troop, crew, and community.

March 2016 - The Guided Discovery Process

The Scoutmaster is the adult leader of a youth-led troop. The Venturing Advisor is the adult leader of a youth-led crew. How do you assist the youth without lecturing? What is the process of shifting the attention off of yourself, as the adult leader and onto the senior patrol leader or crew president? Join us as Boy Scout Development Task Force member, Larry Green, guides us through this discussion of the guided discovery process.

February 2016 - The Scoutmaster’s Minute

The Scoutmaster’s Minute is a brief inspirational message, usually given at the end of a meeting or at the end of an activity in which you bring the whole group back together. But what makes a good Scoutmaster’s Minute? Does it have to be at the end of the meeting? And does it have to be a minute? We asked these questions to John Duncan, Council Commissioner with the Northeast Illinois Council, who gave us a lot of food for thought.

January 2016 - The Outdoor Ethics Guide

So the way we hear it; the Leave No Trace Trainer is now going to be replaced with the Outdoor Ethics Guide, but Leave No Trace is still being implemented, and oh, Tread Lightly has been added into the mix. Sound confusing? Well, all you need to do is click the download button as Dave O’Leary, the Outdoor Ethics coordinator for the Northeast Region, joins us to explain everything we need to know about this new youth leadership position.