2015 ScoutCast

December - Plan B

You’re familiar with Plan B, right? It’s what you have ready as a backup just in case your original plan falls apart. Now the Boy Scouts of America is very good at being prepared should something unforeseen happen during an activity, but what if something goes awry and that activity might not happen at all? Do you just cancel? We here at ScoutCast don’t think you should so we invited Bill Adams, a 30-year Scouting volunteer from the Southern Shores Field Office in Hartland, Michigan, to join us for a discussion on how to get your troop ready for whatever may come its way.

November - Scout Safety

Whether you’re new to Scouting or have been with us for a while, you’re probably - and hopefully - very familiar with the Guide to Safe Scouting and the BSA’s rules and regulations regarding safety. You can tell we take safety very seriously. Here to explain the method to the madness of these regulations is our very own Richard Bourlon, team lead of Health and Safety. Let’s find out together.

October - Advanced Leadership Training: What’s In It for You?

Don Wendell, father of ScoutCast co-host Bryan Wendell and former chair of the National Advanced Leadership Task Force, stops by the ScoutCast studio to tell us all about the various advanced leadership courses that the BSA offers and how those courses will help you become not only a better leader (which makes the program better for the youth), but also a better employee, manager, parent, etc., and have a good time doing so. Take the first step to being a better you and click the Download button to hear more.

September - How to Sell Popcorn When You're No Longer an Adorable Cub Scout

Everyone knows Scouting is full of really cool activities like camping and kayaking and building robots, but like everything else on Planet Earth, it costs money. So another big part of Scouting is fundraising. It's not too difficult when you're a cute little Cub Scout, and you give a great big smile with those adorable chubby cheeks and start stumbling through your script. You're just so doggone precious, people gladly buy whatever you're selling. But what about when the Scouts get older and a little less adorable? Donovan Fisher, aka The Popcorn Scout, and his dad, Scott, with the Washington Crossing Council in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, are here to share with us Donovan’s secrets as the third highest selling Scout in 2013 with more than $23,000 in sales. Did Dad help? Let's find out.

August - Boy Scout Program Update

Not being one to rest on its laurels, the Boy Scouts of America is constantly looking at ways to improve the Boy Scouting experience for both youth and adults. We invited 411 Task Force member Diane Cannon from the Sam Houston Area Council in Houston, Texas, to ScoutCast to share the process of how updates to the current program are decided. Join us for this surprisingly fun discussion.

July - Recruiting in Your Community

Letting your community know what your unit is up to is good for both the unit and the community. Michael Ramsey, department manager of Marketing and Experience Management, is here to explain how spreading the joy of Scouting in our communities can be your best recruiting tool.

June - Just What is the Order of the Arrow?

You’ve probably heard of it, maybe even know someone who’s in it. Some people think it has something to do with Indians…(maybe?) Some even suspect it’s a “secret society” within the Boy Scout organization. And why are the members so gosh-darn loyal? National Chief Nick Dannemiller joins us as we explore the mystery that is the Order of the Arrow. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

May - How the New Cub Scouting Program Affects Your Troop

With the new Cub Scouting program, Webelos are going to be a whole lot better prepared than they used to be to join your troop. What do you, as a Scout leader, need to do to get ready? Join ScoutCast hosts Lee Shaw and Bryan on Scouting blogger Bryan Wendell as they discuss all the details with Dennis Kampa, author of the BALOO Training Guide and Cub Scout Adventures task force member. His answer may surprise you.

April - How Venturing Can Help, Not Hurt, Your Troop

Contrary to popular opinion, the Venturing program does not have plans to take the boys out of your troop and into its crews. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Venturers can be mentors, help with service projects and help strengthen your unit. Still not buying it? Then click the Download button and listen in as District Executive Patrick Higgins, of the Simon Kenton Council in Columbus, Ohio, chats with us about how these two programs can harmoniously work together.

March - Incorporating STEM into Your Troop Meetings

Is your troop stuck in a rut, doing the same activities year after year? How about using pipe foam and duct tape to build a miniature roller coaster (and learning about kinetic energy) or making a catapult out of craft sticks and rubber bands and sending things flying through the air (while secretly measuring velocity and distance)? Ron Colletti of the Greater St. Louis Council shares the kits he prepares for incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in your den and pack Meetings. Your Scouts will have a blast…literally!

February - How to motivate a Scout along the merit badge trail

How do you explain the benefits of merit badges to a boy? Sure, you’re the adult, you get it, but how do we explain it so the Scout gets it? And what if all he wants to do is earn the outdoor badges like Camping and Kayaking? How do you pique his interest in ones like Chess, Law, or Reptile and Amphibian Study? Zach Chopp-Adams, advisor for the C2 section of the Michigan Crossroads Council, wrote one of his Wood Badge tickets on motivating Scouts to earn merit badges and shares his insight right here on ScoutCast.

January - Getting Permission to Handle Awkward Situations

If you're a seasoned Scoutmaster, assistant Scoutmaster, or Venturing Advisor, you know what we’re talking about. Awkward situations and the discussions that need to take place because of them is a common occurrence in Scouting. But, the Scout or Venturer is not your child, so first you have to have an awkward conversation with the parent or guardian to get permission to have that discussion.

It takes some experience to know how to handle these situations tactfully, so longtime Scoutmaster and current Venturing Advisor Peter Self shares the microphone with us to discuss in great detail how to get permission to handle awkward situations.