2014 ScoutCast

December - Lifesaving Awards

Scouts in Action is the most popular feature of Boys’ Life magazine so we thought it might be nice to end the ScoutCast year with a discussion about the different lifesaving awards and how they get awarded. Chuck Ezell, department manager for Regional Operations Support, joins us for this engaging discussion.

November - New Merit Badges

Did you know that in the past five years the Boy Scouts of America increased the number of merit badges a boy can earn from 121 to 134? What are the new ones and what’s the future of merit badges? New Merit Badges Task Force volunteer Steve Bowen answers these and other questions about the new merit badges Scouting has to offer. Do you know what the No.1 earned merit badge last year was? We do.

October - Venturing Updates

Why make updates to Venturing? Having just completed his term as one of the national venturing vice presidents, Aaron Parks-Young of Garland, Texas, he knows all about the new updates to an already great program, including some really cool updates to the new and improved awards. And he shares them with Scoutcast!

September - The How and Why of the Patrol Method

Boy Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell once said, “The Patrol (method) is the one essential feature in which Scout training differs from that of all other organizations, and where properly applied, it is absolutely bound to bring success. It cannot help itself!”

So before accepting the position of area director for Area 5 of the Central Region, Mark Griffin was tasked with developing training and a big part of that was helping leaders understand the patrol method and how to get the most from it. He shares a lot of that understanding right here on ScoutCast.

August - Recruiting Older Scouts and Venturers

Scott Woolery is the chartered organization representative for a troop in Plymouth, Minnesota, that can boast that it has 104 registered boys and has been continuously chartered since 1916. We were fairly certain that not all of these boys transitioned from Webelos, so how did he do it? How is it possible that the troop has 104 boys? We invited Scott to ScoutCast to answer those questions and more; his answers may surprise you!

July - How Your Troop Can Get the Most From Boys’ Life Magazine

Mike Goldman, editorial director of Boys’ Life magazine (who gets paid to think like a 12-year-old boy) likes to say “if it’s in a boy’s life – it’s in Boys’ Life.”  Join us as he shares his passion for the magazine that not only gives leaders all kinds of great ideas for having  successful units; it is the ultimate advancement tool.

June - Just What is the Order of the Arrow?

You’ve probably heard of it, maybe even know someone who’s in it. Some people think it has something to do with Indians…(maybe?) Some even suspect it’s a “secret society” within the Boy Scout organization. And why are the members so gosh-darn loyal? National Chief Nick Dannemiller joins us as we explore the mystery that is the Order of the Arrow. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

May - Duty to God – It’s More Than a Patch

A priest and a rabbi walk into ScoutCast…to talk about Duty to God. No, it’s not a joke; Father Don Hummel and Rabbi Peter Hyman join us to explore the concept of Duty to God in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America. How does the BSA define religion? Do you have members in your troop or crew who are of different faiths? How do you deal with that? If you want the answers to these questions, just click the download button.

April - Scout Widows (and Widowers)

Jeff Kearney of Downington, Pennsylvania, has been very active in Scouting for over 10 years; Founder and Cubmaster of Pack 91, NYLT Course Director, Scoutmaster, and the list goes on. His lovely wife, Deborah, is left behind to take care of all the day-to-day family stuff. 

So how do you handle it when your spouse is not around, spending most of his or her time helping the youth of America build character? It’s for Scouting, after all, so what can you do?

Jeff and Deborah engage us in a fabulous discussion in how to be deeply involved in Scouting and still be happily married.

March - New Program Features

It’s true! Troop Program Features will soon become simply Program Features! Why? Because these 48 new modules can be used not only by troops, but also by Varsity teams and Venturing crews! You want to be prepared with how to use them, right? We called Program Features Task Force Chairman Jim Virgin, from Portland, Oregon, to share all the new and exciting activities Program Features has to offer!

February - A Sneak Peek at Project 411

You’ve heard the rumors: “Those guys at the national office are going to ruin everything with all the Project 411 changes!” But tune in to this ScoutCast, as Peter Self, an active participant on the 411 Task Force, dispels the myths and rumors and gives us a sneak peek at what’s really going on; who’s on the task force, the reasons for the changes, what changes are being made, and what’s going to stay the same.

January - MyScouting Tools

Debra Kendrew, the Senior IT Project Manager who is responsible for the volunteer experience with respect to MyScouting Tools. She works closely with volunteers just like you to ensure the new tools being developed meet your needs. We asked Debra to give us all the details so this tool can be utilized by everyone in scouting and how to get the most from it.