2016 ExploringCast

December 2016 - Exploring Awards

The actor Alan Alda once said, “Awards can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep getting better, no matter how young or old you are.” No one knows that better than the Boy Scouts of America and Learning for Life. We love getting awards and talking about getting awards. Melinda Inman, Exploring District Executive with the Northern Star Council in St. Paul, Minnesota, joins us for the discussion.

November 2016 - The Planning a Superactivity

Just what is the difference between a regular activity and a superactivity? What makes the activity “super”?  As you might already suspect, a superactivty is much grander in scale, but that also means grander in preparation. Who’s responsible for all this planning and preparation? Kelly Clark, Director of Development for the Three Harbors Council in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, shares with us her secrets for a successful superactivity.

October 2016 - The Post/Club Renewal Agreement

It's that time of year to update your post or clubs Partner Renewal Agreement and whether you’re new to the Exploring or you just want to make sure you haven’t left anything out, join us as Circle Ten Council exploring executive Kelly Puckett helps us to make this process go smoothly for both the advisor and the council.

September 2016 - The Nuts and Bolts for Building Your Open House

The Exploring Open House is your chance to invite youths to take the first step in discovering their future. Senior Director of Exploring, Tim Anderson, takes us step-by-step through the process - from writing and sending the invitations to getting those who attend to sign-up. We had some fun during this discussion; hope you do as well.

August 2016 - Program Planning for Posts and Clubs

Guest speakers, hands-on activities, field trips -the list of all the things your Explorer club or post should be doing seems endless. However, getting everyone together to plan the Exploring year makes everything that much easier. But how do you get everyone gathered to put together an Exploring program calendar, and who is “everyone”? Click the Download button to find out as Ruthe Holmberg of the Lincoln Heritage council explains program planning for clubs and Tiffanie Rupperight, of the Black Swamp Area Council discusses program planning for posts.

July 2016 - How to Use the Career Interest Survey

The Exploring program career interest survey helps pair high school students with the Explorer post that best serves their career interests to benefit both the student and your program’s recruitment efforts. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is once you know where to start and how to retrieve and use the survey data. Senior Exploring executive Richard Churn has become quite the expert at using this survey making it a win-win for both his council and the local high schools and he shares with us how you, too, can become an expert.

June 2016 - The Other Teen Program

Venturing is alive and well, but how much do you know about the other BSA teen program? Exploring is the program designed to help teenage youth explore different career opportunities. How? Join us as Mike Dutton, Explorer Post Advisor in Manchester, New Hampshire, provides examples of activities, achievements and explains where to go for resources to make your post the best it can be.

May 2016 - Exploring 101

Welcome to the premiere episode of ExploringCast! Exploring has been a part of the BSA for a long time but maybe you’re not sure of everything this program has to offer. Perhaps you’re already knee-deep into the Exploring program, but are looking for ways to make it a better experience for you and the members of your post or club. Whatever the reason, we’re here for you. We’ll begin our journey with Chad Srader, the Exploring field director with the Sam Houston Area Council in Houston, Texas as he leads us in our freshman class of Exploring 101.



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