2014 CubCast

December - How to Handle Fundraising Dollars

If you’ve never listened to a CubCast before, this is the one you don’t want to miss! There’s been a change to the IRS compliance environment with regard to nonprofit fundraising efforts. What does this mean for popcorn and camp card sales? How will this affect fundraising in your den or pack? Steve McGowan, general counsel for the Boy Scouts of America, helps us make sense of all the fundraising rules and regulations. (Thanks, Steve!)

November - Fun Activities for Your Dens and Packs

We’ll be honest: This Cubcast is a little longer than previous ones, but that’s because the 15 minutes are chock full of new and retro activities that we know your dens and packs will love! Volunteer extraordinaire Linda Vaughn, who sits on the Cub Adventure Committee and is tasked with re-writing the den leader guides, joins us for this spirited discussion.

October - Visual Storytelling Workshops

Every picture tells a story, don’t it? And as a parent of one Cub Scout or leader of many, how do you take those fabulous pictures you have of your Cub Scouts doing really fun activities and then use them to recruit new boys into the program? Not only might you be developing a new skill, but you’ll also have lots of fun in the process. Click the download button to hear more about this fascinating new initiative.

September - Emergency Preparedness

September is Emergency Preparedness Month, and Cubcast wants to know – are you prepared for an emergency? We invited Richard Bourlon, team lead of the Health and Safety Service Team for the BSA National Council, to lead us in an informative conversation on making sure you and your Cub Scouts are armed with everything you need.

August - Cub Scout Parent Orientation

Hopefully all of your recruiting efforts have paid off and you have lots of new boys in your dens and packs. Having new Scouts also means having lots of new parents, and you need to let them know what’s expected of them…soon. So don’t wait any longer! Join us as we talk with Dr. Geoff Zoeller, a Cubmaster for the local pack and the vice president of membership and relations for the Patriots Path Council in New Jersey. He will share everything we need to know to create a successful new parent orientation.

July - Boys’ Life for Your Dens and Packs

With all the YouTube videos, smartphone games, and other technological wonders, how do you get your Cub Scouts to read a Boys’ Life magazine?  And how can you, as a leader, use Boys’ Life as a recruiting and retention tool?  For the answers to these and other “How can I use Boy’s Life for my den and pack?” questions click the download button for a lively discussion with Aaron Derr, senior writer for Boys’ Life magazine and brand new Cubmaster of Pack 282 in Frisco, Texas.

June - New Adventures in Cub Scouting

Why would the BSA change a great program like Cub Scouting? To make it even better! Forget building bird houses; the new Cub Scout adventure program makes Scouting a lot more fun and active for the boys and believe, it or not, a lot simpler for the leaders. You’re probably so excited by this news that you’re asking yourself, “when, why, how?” Just click the download button and Bob Scott, Cub Scout Experience Manager, will share everything you need to know!

May - How to Incorporate STEM in Your Den and Pack Meetings

Is your den or pack stuck in a rut, making the same old arts and crafts year after year? How about putting a mint in a bottle of soda and watching it explode into foam (and helping your Scouts figure out why) or making a catapult out of popsicle sticks and rubber bands and send things flying through the air (while secretly measuring velocity and distance?) Teresa Colletti of the Greater St. Louis Council shares her secrets for incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in your den and pack Meetings. Your Scouts will have a blast…literally!

April - New Cub Scout Training Courses at PTC

Imagine yourself in room with a dozen other Cub Scout leaders from all over the country.  You’re enjoying a breathtaking view of blue skies, mountains, and plenty of sunshine.  Perhaps you and the other Cub Scout leaders are actually outside in that sunshine as you take one of the many new training courses at the training utopia that is the Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, New Mexico. 

Dennis Kampa, author of the BALOO Training Book and instructor at PTC, is here to give us a sneak peek at the new courses coming up. He will also give us a tantalizing preview of what awaits you when you get to Philmont.

March - The Importance of Adult Recognition

Doesn't it feel good when someone acknowledges or notices something you've done? It's ok! Admit it! It does feel good to get that "pat on the back." So when that parent sets up the chairs or that volunteer builds a set for the pack skits, go ahead – express that gratitude! How do you go about doing that, you ask?  Just  click any of the buttons below as Sara Seaborne, a 40-year volunteer with Hoosier Trails Council in Bloomington, Indiana, shares her expertise, not only  in some fun ways to show your appreciation, but also why it's so important to do so.

February - Pinewood Derbies and Other Big Events

February 8th is the BSA’s birthday and there are usually lots of ways to celebrate: pinewood derbies, rain gutter regattas and other events that, well, let’s be honest, take a whole lot of time and energy to make happen. Joining us this month to share his secrets on how to make it a whole lot easier to plan a big event is Rodney Beckwith, Cubmaster for Pack 315 in Pinckney, Michigan. How does he do it? Click any of the buttons below to learn more.

January - MyScouting Tools

Did you know MyScouting Tools has been available for over a year now? It's ok if you did't – most people don't.  And that's exactly the reason why we thought we should have IT Change Management Specialist, Alma Redmond, join us this month. Alma is responsible for all communication pertaining to this "new" tool and will share with everything you need to know to help make it a useful tool for you.