2008 Annual Report

Over five weeks last summer, members of the Order of the Arrow devoted more than 280,000 hours to improving national forests across America. Dubbed Arrowcorps5, the project represented the Boy Scouts of America's largest service project since World War II and the largest such project ever to benefit the U.S. Forest Service.


To the Speaker of the House of Representatives

2008 Report to the Nation

Arrowcorps5 Projects at Five National Forests

The Value of Scouting

2006-2010 National Strategic Plan

Year of the Volunteer—Central Region

Year of the Volunteer—Northeast Region

Year of the Volunteer—Southern Region

Year of the Volunteer—Western Region

100 Years of Scouting

Boy Scouts of America Annual Traditional Membership Summary

Learning for Life Annual Participation Summary

Mission Statement, Vision Statement

2008 Report of the Treasurer (PDF)