Groups Seeking Individuals

NOTE: If your information appears here AND you have already found enough individuals to fill out your crew, please send an e-mail to so that we can remove you from the list.

The following groups are seeking individuals to fill out their crews.

2 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 07-31-2019

Crew: SA073119A

Contact: David Mountcastle

Phone: 703-819-6236

Comments: Chantilly VA Troop 160 has an opening for Scuba Adventure. Dive (up to 11 dives) with 10 scouts and 4 adults (our Troop has 2 Crews going this week). We are looking for 2 scouts or 1 adult/1 scout to fill out our crew. Cost is $1,075/person for the Seabase portion only (PADI cert (if not certified) and travel to the site would be additional costs based on your location. Please call or email with questions. Thanks, David

4 openings and one entire crew for Out Island starting on 07-27-2019

Crew: OI072819F

Contact: Michael Burns

Phone: 415-652-9633

Comments:We have an entire crew of 6-8 available for the July 27-Aug 4 Out Island Adventure. We also have 4-5 spots available in one of our existing crews. Please contact Michael Burns for details.

2 openings for Sea Exploring starting on 07-17-2019

Crew: SE073119A


Phone: 908-458-2898

Comments:We have a 18 members of a 20 person crew for Sea Exploring. Our Troop (T-1969) is from Hunterdon County New Jersey. We are looking for 2 more Crew members to complete the the Crew.

3 openings for Keys Adventure starting on 08-02-2019

Crew: KA080219A

Contact: Rich Doarn

Phone: 817.350.3526

Comments:Please reach out. We have 3 open slots on our Keys Adventure. Love to share this adventure with some Scouts or Ventures.Thanks

2 openings for Scuba Live-Aboard starting on 08-16-2019

Crew: SL081619A

Contact: Sanford Groat

Phone: 503-881-2334


Comments: One opening for the live aboard scuba adventure beginning on 08/16/2019. The fee for the adventure is very negotiable. Please text or email if you are interested

4 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 07-21-19

Crew: CR072019B

Contact: Jeff Womble

Phone: 937-422-6432


Comments:$910.00 per person plus transportation cost.

8 openings for Keys Adventure starting on 07-27-2019

Crew: Troop 71

Contact:Tom Finn

Phone: 5514823126


Comments: Troop 71 from Hopewell NJ is sending two 10-12 person crews to Sea Base from July 27th through August 2nd. We have as many as 8 slots available across the two crews. We can accommodate up to 7 Scouts from the same unit on the same crew if accompanied by 1 adult 21 or over who is WFA/CPR-certified. Otherwise, we will split 8 Scouts across the two crews based on age and ability.

1 opening (adult) Keys Adventure starting on 7/23/2019

Crew: CR081419B

Contact: Jenna Bauer

Phone: 443-752-9048


Comments: HELP!! I am in need of an Adult Leader. We have already paid for our Sea Base Package. I have a Leader that has cancelled the day before we were to buy airline tickets. We have a leader position available for a male at least 21 years old. If need be we can replace a youth if the leader wants to bring their youth along. They would need to pay for their youths portion. PLEASE HELP my Troop!!

2 openings for St. Croix Scuba Adventure starting on 8/19/2019

Crew: XS081919A

Contact: Gary Ebner

Phone: 609-685-0999


Comments: Scuba Adventure St. Croix August 19 to 25 2019. We have room for two participants to fill out our crew. Please call with any questions.

8 openings for Bahamas Adventure Crew Size 10 to 12 starting on 7/27/2019

Crew: BS081619B

Contact: Mike Coates

Phone: 610-543-2860


Comments: Bahamas Adventures In Marsh Harbor. We have several open slots including up t0 2 adults.We also have BS081619A that is filled and we plan to go together as a group

4-6 openings for St. Croix Scuba adventure starting on 8/5/2019

Crew: 4077

Contact: Chris Fleming

Phone: 2026310929


Comments: Troop 4077 has 4-6 slots available for a St Croix Scuba Adventure Aug 5-11. Scouts must be scuba certified before arriving St Croix. Please contact me as soon as possible.

1 openings for Coral Reef sailing starting on 8/15/2019


Contact: john davitt

Phone: 9176539896

Comments: We have one open slot for a scout or adult. We’re Troop 855 out of Glen Ridge NJ. We have 7 on the crew with space for 1 more. We’ll arrive on 8/14 in Ft. Lauderdale and adventure starts 8/15. Contact me for more details

Openings for Out Island Adventure Summer 2019

Crew: OI072619A

Contact: Jeff McAllister

Phone: 563-210-4552


Comments: Due to some cancellations, We are looking for Scouts and/or Scouters that would like to join our Out Island adventure crew this summer. Please Email me for more information.

1 openings for Sea Exploring starting on 07-31-2019

Crew: Crew 854

Contact: Valerie Pratt

Phone: 734-834-4346


Comments:Looking for 1 adult and up to 2 either scout or adult to add to our co-ed crew

4 openings for Scuba Adventure starting on 08-05-2019

Crew: SA071419E

Contact: Alan Koska

Phone: 410-746-3185


Comments: Scuba adventure with 5 currently due to a cancellation. 2 scouts and 3 adults. We have up to 4 spots available but are in need of at least 1 scout.

4 openings for St. Croix Adventure starting on 07-29-2019

Crew: XA072919A & B

Contact: Randy Russell

Phone: 630.258.2429


Comments: We are Troop 505/1505 in Naperville, IL. We have two crews of 8 for the St Croix Adventure. We need four people to complete our crews. May be a combination of scouts and adults. I had to place this notice under Bahamas as there is no pull down choice for St. Croix. We would love to have you join us.

3 openings for Scuba Adventure on 7-27-2019

Crew: SA072819E

Contact: Ray Brunner

Phone: 716-288-8553

Comments: We have 3 openings in our crew due to 2 of our crew having certification problems and one having a financial issue. This is a great adventure hope you can fill out our crew.

3 openings for Coral Reef Sailing starting on 04-05-2020

Crew: 8 Person

Contact: Jim Wright

Phone: 2142879554


Comments:We need 1 adult and 2 scouts.Please contact me if you are interested.

1 opening for Scuba Adventure starting 6/21/2020

Crew: Troop 152 Cary NC
Contact: John Price
Comments: If you are in the Raleigh area, you can join us to get your SCUBA certification with Carolina Dive Center. Otherwise, you must be certified diver.Prefer divers 15 years old by the time of trip. If 13-15, must be First Class and a parent must join you on the crew.