Reservations for 2019 & 2020 Sea Base Crews are still available!

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2020 Sea Base Adventures are Available Now!

Units should have a list of multiple dates and adventures desired before accessing the reservations system; along with a credit card to complete their reservation(s).

  • To access 2020 Registration, click the following link: 2020 Reservation Form
  • Units may reserve as many common adventure types as are available on a specific date under the same account. However, if a unit wants to reserve multiple adventure types or multiple adventure dates, they must create a different account for each new adventure type and/or date.
    • For example, if a unit wishes to reserve four Bahamas Adventures on March 4, they do so under a single account. If they wish to add a Bahamas Adventure on March 5, they must create a second account. If they wish to add an Out Island Adventure on March 5, they must create a third account.
  •  Units may reserve as many adventure types and dates as they wish. However, an immediate online payment of $250 per adventure is required to complete each reservation.
    • For example, if a unit wants to reserve two St. Croix Adventures on July 3, they are required to pay $250 per adventure, or a total of $500, to complete the reservation.
  • Units may pay their online reservation payment via e-check or credit card. Reservation payments are nonrefundable. All future payments must be made via e-check at the following link: PAY HERE. Credit cards will not be accepted for future payments.
  •  Shopping carts remain active for one hour. After one hour, if payment has not been made, reservations are canceled. Sea Base cannot “refresh” shopping carts.
  •  Once paid, units will receive receipt of payment via email from Sea Base confirming their reservation. Units should check “junk” and “clutter” folders if they do not receive receipts before calling Sea Base.
  • Within 30 days, each crew must make their first payment. The first payment is based upon the maximum number of participants per crew multiplied by $100.
    • For example, if a unit has booked an adventure with six to eight participants, they must pay $800.
  • If a unit has been awarded multiple crews, they must make payment for each crew awarded.
    • For example, if a unit has booked three Marine STEM Adventures, they must pay $800 per crew, or a total of $2,400.
  • Units that do not make on-time payment will be canceled.
  • All payments are nonrefundable unless the adventure is rebooked.
    • If the adventure is rebooked, crews will receive a full refund minus the $250 reservation payment.