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Oceans cover 71% of the planets surface. 85% remain unexplored. Explore Adventure and Learning at Sea Base.

Sea Base offers 18 unique programs throughout the Florida Keys, United States Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas. Expand the menus below to learn about each adventure.

Fly directly to the Bahamas! Experience all the Bahamas Adventure has to offer aboard a Tall Ship. This Adventure is for groups of 18-20 people who are willing to explore the Sea of Abaco. This is an active ship and requires everyone to work as a team as you learn and experience the workings of sailing and sea traveling. This is a seven day event. NOTE: The vessel currently being used in this program is a 60′ catamaran perfect for the depth and conditions in the Sea of Abaco.

This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

Bahamas Program – FAQ (PDF)